Thursday, September 3, 2009

Went shopping!

So I just got home from Walmart. Fun trip. I picked up lots of goodies. I am now completely prepared for my food adjustments. I am going to be cooking up a storm tonight, in order to get my meals ready for this coming week. How easy is that? Just make it, and nuke it when its time to eat. I picked up two full sets of glad ware containers, so that I can store everything and it can all be nice and organized! I am so excited.

Some other things I picked up were...

chicken breast
ground turkey
organic peanut butter
plain rice cakes
balsamic dressing
tilapia (i have never eaten tilapia before, im more of a salmon girl myself. so well see how it goes!)
Mrs Dash seasonings! theyre sale free, and great on sodium.
asparagus ( my favorite veggie!)

and some other things...

i am going to take some before pictures today. I'm not going to share them just yet. Along with my weight. I just havent hit that comfort level yet. But I know that I will. I will, however, share pictures of my weekly meals! I am so excited to get this show on the road.

P.S...Does chasing my three year old, while carrying my 1 year old through Walmart, count for some cardio? ANYTHING?! Whew, I was definately working a sweat, thats for sure!

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