Friday, September 4, 2009

That's the hard part...

So its here. The difficult part. Its 11, and I am so hungry. Its an hour before I am due to eat one of my meals, and I will wait until then. But this is hard. Normally, I would just head to the kitchen, whip up a snack, and that was that. Now I am trying to find something else to occupy my mind until noon. And its easier said than done!

I do have to admit, I cheated and ate a protein bar. I feel horrible about it, but I cant beat myself up too bad. I did only eat half the amount of peanut butter with my rice cakes (which was so yummy!)., so although it isnt completely even, it could have been worse. Tomorrow, my goal will be to NOT cheat, and I am sure that I am capable of it. I just hit a weak spot today.

I officially got a key to my apartment complex's gym. Its really nice! I am going to head down tonight, and try out all the equipment. I wish I had a babysitter so my husband could come with me, but I dont. So I will likely be going down myself. I am super nervous. I have always felt like that fat person at the gym sorta gets scoffed at, and I don't know if I have the strength to deal with the looks. I am going to go, and try my best not to notice. I will update tonight after I get back!

Say a prayer for me :)

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