Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quote of the Day April 08, 2010

"We are what we repeatly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit"
- Aristotle
Really!? And here all this time I was thinking I just didn't have the guts to be excellent. PSHAW! I am excellent. I am capable. I will do it.

Whoa, what happened?

I am back. I need this outlet. I need to remind myself of this. I need the accountability. So, I am back, here to make my mark on this webpage.

I am right where I have been all along. I lost track of my vision for myself, my goals. School started, kids got sick, husbands needed their wives...all that jazz. I have to remember that other than a student, mom, wife, etc...that I am me. I am Amber Dawn. I am fat, and I need to be healthy. I am lazy, and I need to be motivated. I am sick, and I need to be well. I wasn't here, and I need to be.

As Marlee sits here next to me begging for easter candy, I am making a promise to myself, to come here once a day and post my feelings. Right now, I am determined to get through this. I know I can! If so many others can, I can. I actually was about 15 pounds heavier than I thought two weeks ago. Ready for some numbers? I was 315 pounds. I have gotten back down to 300 (give or take a few thanks to Easter, and yea, it was give a few). I am locked and loaded on my goal. 200 pounds. Well, 199 would be all the better, since I would be under 200 lol.

Note to self, thats alot of weight to lose. I feel very vulnerable putting it on paper, for the world to see (not that the whole world is reading this, but you know what I mean lol). But, its the only way to be and stay accountable. So, 315 was the past, 300 is the present, and 200 is my future. I am giving myself a year. Want to know what that means? I have to lose 2.1 pounds a week, consistently, for a year. That is the "healthy" recommendation. Ofcourse, I hope to lose more than that, in a smaller span of time, but as long as I keep my 2 pound a week promise to myself, then I won't get discouraged. Oh, and to lose 2 pounds a week, I only need to burn 1000 more calories than I eat. That isn't unreasonable in the slightest.

So, heres my outline. I will eat RIGHT, control my portions and exercise daily. Simple as that. I am considering using (a free calorie counting software) to help me out, but haven't made a final decision. I would love a body bug too, so we will see. I got a secret...I'll reveal that tomorrow :)