Friday, September 4, 2009

Walking in the Rain

So, I decided that I would walk up to my mailbox (its about a quarter mile there and back) to burn some extra calories. I get up off my butt, get dressed, and ask Aleah if she wants to come with me. Ofcourse she does! Shes always up for some physical activity (I am blessed that way lol). So I get her dressed to come along. As were begining to walk out the door Aleah tells me that she wants to bring the umbrella. I told her no, it wasn't raining. There was no need for an umbrella...

Well, I was wrong. It WAS raining. At first, I caught myself getting upset, and not wanting to go anymore. I didn't want to get all wet and sticky, and heaven forbid I might get struck by lightening. Then I woke up, sucked it up, and I was determined to walk up and get my mail. I fed off of Aleah's excitement (I mean, this was the first time she ever got to use an umbrella, she was estatic!), and we went on our way.

It was fun! She was so cute walking with her umbrella. It consumed her and her little body. All I could see were her cute pink sandals and the bottom of her sundress. I asked her what color the rain was, and she said it was silver. I told her to hold her hand out, so she could catch some. She did, and she noticed that the rain was merely water. She just thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I thought she was the coolest thing ever lol. Here's a picture that I took on our way down there. It was so hard for her to hold the umbrella high enough so that I could see her face. You'll have to excuse the lousy quality, I just took a quick shot with my phone.

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