Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Productive Day

Today was fun. A day of cooking, a day of eating and spending time with some family. My brother in law's birthday was a couple of days ago. We decided to invite everyone over for chicken and rice, good stuff. I knew that I couldn't stick to my prepared meals, well I could have, but I didn't want to. But I did purposefully make grilled and baked chicken. Super yummy. I maintained my portion control though. I also just ate the grilled chicken breast, and stayed away from the dark meats I had made.

I am getting the hang of this, and how it is going to apply to my life. I am not anyone but myself, and this is only going to work if I allow myself some freedoms (as long as I am not taking advantage of those freedoms). I walked about 30 minutes today, about a mile. I need to get some tennis shoes so I can start jogging.

Fun times, fun times. I just have memories of playing high school volleyball, running the track in my spandex shorts in front of the varsity football team. My 15 year old cellulite jiggling in the wind. I was so mortified. Ever since, I have a hard time doing any sort of physical activity in a setting where other people may potentially see me. I really feel like everyone will just see some fat chick trying aimlessly to lose weight. I know I need to get over it, and work past it. And I will, but it will take a couple of rounds before I just don't care anymore. I need to focus on myself, and not so much on what other people think about me.

Back to the positive. I didn't drink anything but water today! Woo hoo for that! I do like to squeeze a lemon wedge in there for some flavor. I really like it. I also read cucumber water is pretty good, so I might give it a shot. Love cucumbers! I am really proud of myself. I am doing what I need to be doing to get where I want to be. Tommorow, I want to get to the gym. I finally got a key to my apartments gym, I just need to use it! Say a prayer for me.

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